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Morocco is one of the world’s most exciting up-and-coming holiday destinations with dream locations for a perfect golf break. Let Morocco Unlimited Travel Designer & DMC create an experience that perfectly mixes your favorite sport with the exotic heritage Morocco has to offer.

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Morocco is fast becoming the place for golfers looking for an amazing all-inclusive experience without breaking the bank. With a wide range of excellent golf courses and accommodation choices, as well as two key cities and several prolific golf courses in its arsenal, it comes as no surprise that a golf break in Morocco is becoming ever popular. Morocco is now a serious competitor to the likes of those favoring a golf tour in Spain, Portugal or Turkey, and is quickly establishing itself as an excellent luxury golf holiday destination.

If you’ve been looking to get away for some time and also indulge your passion, get in touch with Morocco Unlimited today! We are Canada’s premier Morocco travel experts and can offer you fantastic packages at incredible prices.

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Why Golf In Morocco?

Submerged in history and culture combined with a warm year-round climate, it is becoming increasingly easy to see the great appeal in a Moroccan golf holiday. With high quality championship golf courses, over 300 sunny days per year with bright blue skies and value for money golf & accommodation options, you really can’t go wrong. Notable regions that golfers should look out for on their next trip to the gem of North Africa are the thriving city of Marrakech, the majestic coastline of Agadir, the charming town of El Jadida and Essaouira.

Never the less, there is so much to do in Morocco that it would be a shame just to play golf. Visitors here have the choice of exploring some key historical sites, enjoy a huge variety of night life & spas and experience true Moroccan cuisine. Contact Morocco Unlimited today to book your next trip.

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