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Glamping in the Sahara

Fancy experiencing the Sahara Desert without giving up on your creature comforts? You’ve come to the right team. The specialists at Morocco Unlimited can arrange overnight stays and multi-day trips that allow travelers to see the shifting sands of those rose-gold dunes without needing to rough it. Even the long journey from Marrakech or Fez will be in total luxury. En route, you'll pass crumbling citadels, mud-built Berber villages, lush valleys, and palm groves.

When you arrive, you can expect a Nomad-style tent, with a proper bed and plenty of blankets for the chilly nights and a nice bathroom with piping-hot water, thanks to solar paneling. Gourmet breakfasts with eggs and fresh fruit fuel days spent hiking, sand-boarding, and camel riding, before a delicious, home-cooked dinner as the setting sun paints the sky and the Milky Way begins to appear. However, despite this being a luxury tip, be sure to pack the essentials for this kind of terrain: outdoor clothing, a sunhat, and sunscreen.

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Quintessential Hammams

Few experiences are as quintessentially Moroccan as the hammam. These steam baths are the pride and joy of most luxury riads, which often have a full menu of spa-style treatments.

The classic hammam treatment, traditionally performed in the buff, involves a pore-opening steam and exfoliating rub-down with a rough kessa mitt and black olive soap on a marble slab, before a thorough hosing down with cold water. At the luxury end of the scale, you can book a tension-busting, orange blossom-scented massage, then relax in a fluffy robe, mint tea in hand, beside a mosaic-tiled, lantern-lit pool. After a couple of hours, you’ll leave feeling new-born and walking on air. If this sounds like your cup of mint tea, be sure to get in touch with Morocco Unlimited Travel Designer & DMC and we’ll make it happen.

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