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If you want to get in or around the country in style, Morocco Unlimited Travel Designer & DMC can make it happen. No matter how you want to travel (VIP cars, vans, buses, helicopter transfers, private charter…) we can provide the best options through VLL, our sister company. Call today for details.

Private Charter Flights

Chartering a private jet allows yourself, your family and friends to travel in luxury, comfort and privacy. It’s fast gaining in popularity as leisure time becomes increasingly precious and at Morocco Unlimited, we focus on the experience of the journey almost as much as the destination.

Whether it’s a short trip for a spot of golf or a longer holiday glamping in the Sahara, we’ll help you choose from a variety of popular private planes to get you and your loved ones to Morocco in comfort and with minimal fuss. Access to private terminals also helps you avoid the hustle and bustle of busy airports and queues through security, so you’ll arrive relaxed, well-rested and ready to make the most of your next adventure. Call today!

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Tour Operator Morocco
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Luxury Car Rentals

Morocco Unlimited Travel Designer & DMC has access to a large selection of luxury car rental options in Morocco through our sister company, VLL. Our fleet of vehicles includes models from some of the best car manufacturers in the world like BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

Morocco is rich in culture and history with many fascinating sites. As you drive one of our vehicles, you will be able to experience the scenic coastal vistas, the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, and also explore colorful cities like Marrakesh, Tangier and Fez. With a high performance vehicle at your disposal you can enjoy the extra amenities of your luxury car while you make excursions across the country. Whether it's heading out for an adventure to see attractions like the Ouzoud Falls, explore the smaller towns or just cruise around the beaches of the Atlantic, you can do it in style. Call us today for details.

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